Ceva range of products for cattle has been built over the years using the international and local key fields of expertise

In 2010, Ceva launched the first National Clostridial disease survey, in collaboration with the veterinarian community.

  • Vaccines: Coglavax® (Vaccine for Clostridiosis), 
  • Antibiotics: Tenaline® LA. (Oxytetracycline)
  • Metabolism: Rehydion® Gel (Rehydration of diarrhoeic calves), Multivit Effervescent (Vitamin supplements)
  • Parasiticides: Eprecis® 1% (Eprinomectin),  Cevamec 1%® (Ivermectin), Avex®(Albendazole / Selenium), Cypertraz® Pour-on (Cypermethrin / Amitraz), Ceva Cyperdip® 20% EC (20% Cypermethrin), Ceva Amitraz®12,5% (12,5% Amitraz)
  • Anti-Protozoals: Veriben® B12 Granules (Diminazene/Vit B12) and Imidox® (Imidocarb Diproprionate 12% m/v)
  • Reproduction:  Prid® Delta (Progesterone Intra-vaginal device)

Last update: 26/05/2017

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