Ceva subscribes to the principles of antibiotic stewardship which promotes the responsible use of antibiotics as underwritten by the South African Veterinary Association (SAVA).

Tenaline® L.A.

A long-acting injectable Oxytetracycline solution. 

Tenaline® L.A. guarantees the combination of high quality Oxytetracycline raw material plus a specific formulation developed by Ceva's R&D team.  Produced in a Ceva Group's GMP factory (Libourne, France), Tenaline® L.A. is your antibiotic of choice for strategic medication and prevention of mostly ruminant diseases.

Ceva experts have developed a new innovative generation of vials made of plastic polymer for its range of Antibiotics: CLAS® vials, which are the first double layered polymer packaging which guarantees stability to the long acting Oxytetracycline formulation.   They are also easy to handle, light, shock resistant.

Tenaline® L.A. is the only Oxytetracycline L.A. injection in South Africa with 3 years expiry date after manufacture.


Proven to be tissue-friendly;    72-96 hours efficacy. CLAS container (light, shock-resistant, easy handling, ensures stability of the active ingredient–hence long shelf life of 3 years;  

Treatment and prevention (block treatment) of Heartwater and Gall sickness (Anaplasmosis), Pneumonia, Foot rot, Navel ill and Joint ill and uterine infections are the most common indications for its use.

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FLORKEM® (Florfenicol 300mg/mℓ) in 100 & 250mℓ pack sizes.   Florkem is a broad-spectrum antibiotic in the Phenicol group.   For the treatment of primary or secondary bacterial infections in cattle and sheep to hasten recovery.


  • Food Safety:  Not a medically important antibiotic in human medicine; Unique in livestock
  • Bacterial resistance development:  Lower risk
  • No cross-resistance  with Macrolides used for metaphylaxis in Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD)
  • Fast Acting: Achieves Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) in plasma and lungs within 30 minutes and 2 hours, respectively - to address bacteria doubling in numbers every 30 minutes
  • One dose in Cattle: No re-treatment moratorium for 72 hours after a single* 40mg / kg dose sc.
  • Bacteriocidal activity buys time for the immune-compromised animal to cure itself
  • Improved syringability:  Efficient removal of entire content – no remaining left-overs wasted
  • CLAS® vial  allows for lighter and lower bulk packaging waste, lower risk for breakage
  • Meat withdrawal 44 days in cattle

Last update: 14/05/2020

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