Sheep and goats

Sheep and goats represent the largest group of ruminants in South Africa and Ceva is actively involved in this industry.

  • Vaccines: Coglavax® (Vaccine for Clostridiosis), Cevac® Chlamydia (Vaccine for Enzootic abortion)
  • Antibiotics: Tenaline® LA. (Oxytetracycline), Florkem® (Scheduled product.   For information regarding the benefits of this product when used appropriately, please consult your local veterinarian, or Dr Willem Schultheiss at 0823237019)
  • MetabolismMultivit Effervescent (Vitamin supplements)
  • Parasiticides Privexia® (Moxidectin), Maxicare® (Closantel/Albendazole), Cevamec®1% (Ivermectin), Cypertraz® Pour-on (17,5 g Amitraz + 15,0 g Cypermethrin)

Ceva in South Africa is involved in surveys of diseases from a local perspective. 

Last update: 02/12/2022

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