Ceva subscribes to responsible endoparasite control which delays the development of worm resistance as much as possible - recognising the importance of susceptible Refugia worms. We follow an holistic approach which not only entails deworming agents,...


Privexia® (Moxidectin): An antiparasitic remedy indicated for the treatment and control of internal and external parasites of cattle and sheep, with residual activity against certain important roundworms of cattle and sheep as well as blue ticks on cattle.

Benefits : Treatment of sheep for Wire worm during the wet season or on irrigated pastures.   Residual action against Wire worm lasts for 35 days.  Longer acting formulations (2 % Moxidectin) are not necessarily more cost-effective compared to when sheep are moved through worm infested pastures for 30-35 days after treatment with Privexia® ;    Longer acting formulations (2 % Moxidectin) with about 4,5 months residual action have a long “tail” (low plasma concentration) during which there is an increased risk of development of resistance.  Not recommended for routine use against sheep scab in the dry season.  Cevamec®1 %   should be used for this purpose instead during moist climatic conditions to delay the emergence of worm resistance.  

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Cevamec®  1% (1% Ivermectin): A 1% Ivermectin for sheep and cattle.


Sheep: Prevention and treatment of roundworm, nasal bot, sheep scab and Australian itch mite during moist conditions.  To minimize the development of worm resistance, do not use during the dry season.

Cattle: Roundworm, Eye worm and Parafilaria (false bruising – 70 days needed before slaughter for lesions to disappear after treatment), sucking and mange lice, as well as sand tampans.  Treats maggot infested wounds (effective for 2 weeks) and Blue ticks (21 days effective).  Fast grazing rotation for 21 days in Spring and again in Autumn will lead to a decrease in next generation blue tick numbers.

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Maxicare® (Albendazole/Closantel): Broad spectrum remedy against roundworms, Milk Tapeworm, Adult Liver fluke, Nasal Bot in sheep and goats, with a 3 weeks residual efficacy against Wire worm and Hook worm.


A 28 days residual action against wire worm and hookworm in sheep and goats make this the ideal deworming remedy, 4-6 weeks pre-breeding and again 4-6 weeks pre-lambing during the wet season, to prevent erosion due to internal parasites.  In this way it helps to improve lambing percentage and the development of quality colostrum for disease resistance of the neonate.  
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Cypertraz® Pour-on (Cypermethrin / Amitraz) against Karroo Paralysis Ticks and Red-Legged Ticks.


After application it has approximately a 10-14 day residual effect.

For about 1 week following an application, the flock should be moved through as many grazing camps as possible (where "Besembos" and "Suurpol" grass grows, which forms favourable micro-habitats for the intermediate hosts - the  Shrub Hare and the Elephant Shrew).  This is to achieve a longer-acting lowered risk for heavy Karroo Paralysis Tick re-infestations.  This approach is also valid for the Red Legged Tick which causes Spring Lamb paralysis and occurs in higher summer rainfall areas - affecting mostly lambs and weaners. 

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Last update: 19/01/2021

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