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Advice about reporting suspected adverse reactions

Whenever a suspected adverse reaction is observed during the use of a veterinary medicinal product in:

§  Animals (including birds and fish)

§  Incidents involving humans

Please log your complaint on the website form below in English, as well as completing the attached form above.

The completed forms must be submitted electronically to

kerissa.reddy[at] or debbie.coetzee[at]

In case of emergency or for further information please contact Kerissa Reddy (Responsible Pharmacist) on Cell No 082 441 5359 or Tel No 011 545 8251 or Fax No 011 312 4092 or Dr Debbie Coetzee on Cell No 082 372 2784 or Tel 011 545 8998 or Fax No 011 312 4092

What to report

§  Suspected adverse reactions to registered veterinary medicines, stock remedies and vaccines.

§  Suspected adverse reaction to medicines used extra-labelly in animals.

§  Suspected adverse reactions to herbal, homeopathic or other alternate remedies.

§  Suspected lack of efficacy of a product.

§  Suspected lack of efficacy of a vaccine.

§  Misuse of products.

Report even if:

§  You are not certain that the product has caused the event.

We particularly interested in:

§  Adverse reactions to recently marketed products.

§  Serious adverse reactions and interactions with all products.

§  Adverse reactions that are not clearly reflected in the package insert.


§  Identities of the reporters, client and patient will remain strictly confidential.

§  The report does not constitute an admission that the veterinarian or the product caused or contributed to the event.

§  You don’t have all the details.

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