Intra-vaginal device for use in well-fed and managed dairy and beef Heifers and cows to initiate or synchronize oestrus.

PRID® DELTA (1,55 g Progesterone per device) Reg. No. G4037 (Act 36/1947) Zambia: 346/704V (Act 3/2013) Pack of 10 devices


The larger surface area of the device allows for fast and sustainable Progesterone (P4) release to achieve higher plasma P4 concentrations during the period of insertion.  This is especially important in high producing dairy cows.  

Can be used in various protocols because it is not sold with any particular injectable hormone – allowing for flexibility as the situation demands;

Ceva recommends the use of Oestradiol Cypionate (ECP) at implant removal instead of Oestradiol Benzoate (EB) 24 hours after implant removal – eliminating the extra handling required for this.

In beef herds its use for fixed time AI leads to more calves from chosen male genetics born earlier during the calving season – yielding heavier calves at weaning or allowing earlier weaning of the dam for longer recovery until re-conception.  This ultimately contributes to an increase in kilograms beef produced per hectare.   

In Dairy cows the use of a Prid-Delta - based protocol leads to earlier post-calving cyclicity and ultimately decreasing the number of days open.   This improves the margin over feed costs in the herd.

CYSTORELIN® (Gonadorelin Diacetate 50 mcg per mL)


For the use in syncronization protocols in post pubertal heifers and adult cows.   Following administration, a LH peak is achieved after 2 hours with ovulation about 26 hours thereafter.   Administered simultaneously with  fixed time AI, it may result in 5-15% improved conception.   Also used to treat cases of large folicles in anovular conditions, Folicular cysts and repeat breeder cows.

Last update: 14/05/2020

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