Rehydion® Gel is an electrolyte solution as supportive treatment to address the effects caused by diarrhoea in calves. Multivit - is a Vitamin supplement in an effervescent tablet, to be dissolved in drinking water.

  • Rehydion® Gel is an electrolyte solution for prevention or treatment of the effects of diarrhoea in calves.  Thanks to its innovative formulation, Rehydion® Gel does not interfere with milk clotting in the stomach of the calf.  Rehydion® Gel should be added to the milk - allowing milk feeding to the calf to continue. 


Alleviates acidosis, dehydration and loss of electrolytes (Na and K) in calves with diarrhoea due to various causes.  It does not interfere with critical rennet clot formation in the stomach – allowing a high whey yield (protein-rich fluid after the clot has formed).  Milk need not be withdrawn, as milk fat is the most ideal energy source for the calf.  Interference with clot formation as is the case with glucose, may aggravate diarrhoea.

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  • Multivit is a Vitamin supplement in an effervescent tablet, to be dissolved in drinking water


Alleviates the effects of stress.  Valuable where rumen function has been compromised, for example in cattle recovering from disease, weak animals immediately after transport, or after weaning.  Hastens return to original production.  Ideal for adaptation of feedlot calves and for use in feedlot hospital pens.  Oral vitamins are a source of nutrition for rumen microbes, which injectables are not.    As opposed to injectable vitamins, the oral administration thereof directly benefits the rumen microbes which have a specific vitamin requirement needed for degrading and fermenting fiber from the diet.

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Last update: 15/05/2020

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