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16 March 2016

Ceva supports VETSCO >

By supporting this initiative, Ceva has once again proven their dedication to “Going Beyond Animal Health”. Ceva has committed to assisting VETSCO wherever possible in their endeavour to change lives and impact the many communities where they serve.

02 March 2016

Hatchery of the year award >

"The one thing that differentiated H3 from the rest was ownership and the fact that they accepted the challenge from day one. The management were involved in every aspect of the process and managed to keep the personnel motivated. It is really pleasant to work with such a team" Chris van Biljon, Vaccine Services Manager, Ceva Animal Health.

06 December 2015

94.7km Cycle Challenge – 15 Nov 2015 >

South Africa's second largest timed race.

22 September 2015

Dairy Farming School >

This was a gathering of top Dairy Veterinarians and Dairy Farmers to discuss the benfits and conditions needed for ideal fixed time AI success.

22 September 2015

AVI - AFRICA 2015 >

Ceva wins “Best Large Stand Award”

22 September 2015

Beef Farming School >

“Alignment between Veterinarian and Farmer on all aspects of Beef Reproduction to optimize kg beef yield per hectare”

30 January 2014



12 July 2012

Career Opportunities >

Our job offers reflect our desire to attract the best professionals in each sector and ensure a rich diversity in our basic resource: men and women, with a range of professional experience, and training and from many different nationalities.

25 September 2011

Privexia® Launch >

It’s our great pleasure to announce the launch of Privexia® , the new endectocide from Ceva Animal Health Reg. No. G3915 (Act 36/1947). Privexia® contains 1% Moxidectin , a second generation macrocyclic lactone, with a broad spectrum of activity against both internal and external parasites. Privexia® is registered with 35 days persistent action for the control of sheep wireworm and brown stomachworm...

21 September 2011

The Relevance of Bursa Size in modern Poultry Production >

Author: Kobus van Heerden, Technical Marketing Manager – CEVA Santé Animale Co-Authors: Dr. Christophe Cazaban, Innovation Strategy Biology Business Unit - CEVA Santé Animale Dr. Branko Alva, Corporate Product Manager - CEVA Santé Animale

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