Vaccination Equipment

Hatchery Vaccination

With the evolution of the technologies used in poultry production, more and more producers are capable of realizing the benefits of concentrating their vaccination activities in hatcheries.

Vaccination by Injection can be a stress for day-old chicks, so it has to be performed in a short time with a blameless technique. Because of that, CEVA may supply you specific poultry equipment dedicated to perform high quality vaccination in hatcheries: Desvac DOVAC single or double shot and Autovac.

The C.H.I.C.K. (CEVA Hatchery Injection Control Keys) program is a complete package of hatchery services. It includes operational procedures for five areas of focus to ensure the best utilization of CEVA poultry vaccines in the hatchery: vaccines, equipment, vaccination technique, monitoring & diagnosis and expertise & training.

With the utilization of training mechanisms and routine visits to the hatcheries, associated with relevant Technical Information, the C.H.I.C.K. Program was developed to provide to all customers:

  • Development and actualization of Operational Procedures showing how to properly handle all different types of vaccines manufactured by CEVA.
  • Training and assurance of the application of correct Vaccination Techniques for all CEVA customers.
  • Implementation of training sessions and provision of Technical Material related to proper adjustment, operation and cleaning procedures for all injection machines installed by CEVA for its customers.
  • Routine visits for training, monitoring and audit processes in order to assure the high quality levels of vaccination in the worldwide hatcheries served by CEVA personnel.
  • Provision of Technical Documents with relevant information about hatchery management, vaccination, vaccines, poultry diseases, etc, in order to keep CEVA customers updated on the latest news on poultry production.

The implementation of all the techniques and details described in the C.H.I.C.K. Program is our way of ensuring the satisfaction of our customers regarding the use of CEVA poultry vaccines for hatchery application.

Layer and Breeder Injections

Automatic IM Injector

The Automatic IM Injector manufactured by Desvac is an automatic machine for a precise intra-muscular breast injection of inactivated vaccines in layers and breeders (e.g.: CEVAC® CORYMUNE 4K, CEVAC® CORYMUNE 7K).

The machine can do single or double injections, and the activation of  3 detection points in the mould ensures good positioning of the birds and guarantees the correct site of injection. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of accidental injection to vaccination crews significantly.

Last update: 14/05/2020

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