Ceva's manufacturing policy reflects our overall strategy to be glocal.

Ceva's manufacturing policy reflects our overall strategy to be glocal, i.e. to achieve the synergies and excellence driven by global plants and then to ensure that we "fan this out" and achieve the same standards in our plants situated close to local markets in order to ensure maximum reactivity for our customers.

We have four main international sites and 19 regional production sites around the world (mainly for our biological products). Our R&D and industrial groups work together to ensure a smooth transition from final development to full production...

Because we cover the globe, we’re well positioned to adapt our products and services to meet local specifications and demand.

Every customer faces different day-to-day challenges in ensuring the health and welfare of the animals in their care.  We work closely with each of them to define dedicated solutions, country by country, and farm by farm.

Manufacturing in South Africa

Ceva South Africa has one of the regional manufacturing sites currently producing mainly for the local ruminant market, with a few exceptions of exports to other African countries where acaricides are concerned.  The production unit, under the guidance of the Production Pharmacist, has the ability to produce ecto and endoparasiticides in drench, injectable and pour-on formulations. The unit is capable of producing a range of pack sizes from 50 mℓ to 200 Lt.

All manufacturing is conducted with full component tracibility, enabling Ceva to respond effectively to any product queries that may arise.  In-house production ensures that Ceva has complete control over the quality of our products.

Quality Assurance:

All our products are manufactured according to strict quality specifications, throughout the process.   This includes the verification of the quality of all raw materials and packaging, through to the finished product.  Independent laboratories are used to test and confirm the quality of the products manufactured, before being distributed to the end consumer.  The fact that our vaccines are manufactured overseas, makes the cold chain process critical to ensure that all our vaccines are received, packed and dispatched to reach the end-user at 100% of their specifications.  This is an integral part of Ceva South Africa's quality assurance programme.

Last update: 15/05/2020

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