Ceva will continue to contribute to the welfare of animals, production of food, and the health and well-being of South African people.

 As Ceva South Africa we are proud to be part of a South Africa in which different cultures (Rainbow Nation) participate to create the uniqueness of our company and country. 

 This unique mix of talent distinguishes us from other nations. Our entrepreneurial spirit allows individuals within the company to contribute not necessarily in their fields of expertise, but in the broader picture of the company.

We regard ourselves as experts in the field of Poultry vaccination and veterinary services, and we are readily passing our knowledge and experience to our colleagues globally.  This technical expertise, allied with machine development for accurate dosing and vaccination, will improve and advance animal health in this country.

Our Ruminant team has a range of products which are of renowned quality allied with market leading technical expertise, they are able to offer a complete solution to the livestock farmers in South Africa

Zoonotic and tropical diseases are increasing in our country and as South Africans we should play an important role in combating these diseases. The Ceva statement “Beyond Animal Health” shows the strong commitment that we have to contributing to the eradication of these issues.

The full Ceva values are as follows - these values are key to our operation in South Africa and the behaviour and mind-set of the team here:

Entrepreneurial Spirit



Customer Passion

Last update: 21/02/2021

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