Eagles Pride Koster 2 wins Hatchery of the Year 2017 competition.

Eagles Pride Hatchery Koster 2 does it again. 2017 was the third year of Ceva Animal Health’s Hatchery of the Year challenge. Fifty Five hatcheries took part in the competition which again went down to the wire. After another tight battle, Eagles Pride...

What makes Eagles Pride Koster a worthy winner?

"Consistency is the word. Being the winner twice consecutively, demonstrates that high quality vaccinations have become a habit." Chris van Biljon, Vaccination Services & Equipment Manager

 Why this challenge?

This challenge forms part of the Ceva Animal Health’s C.H.I.C.K program and was implemented to establish some healthy competition in the industry, whilst motivating personnel to improve beyond acceptable industry standards and to demonstrate to customers how a specific hatchery performance compares to the rest of the industry.

Setting a high standard

Ceva Animal Health’s C.H.I.C.K program in South Africa was last year awarded with quality recognition from Bureau Veritas.

A very high standard is needed to achieve Quality Code of Practice recognition. To this end, the whole of the Ceva Animal Health’s C.H.I.C.K program process was and is supported, verified and recognized by a third party, Bureau Veritas. This ensures International standards are maintained and accepted.

Why the quality stamp of approval?

Quality management is of very high importance within the agri-food industry and when it comes to poultry production, the vaccination process in hatcheries plays a crucial part to guarantee the vaccines are well applied to get the maximum potential for protection in the field.

The integration of the vaccination process in hatcheries, as part of a Quality Management system, is of especially high relevance.

Ceva Animal Health’s C.H.I.C.K Program Quality Code of Practice, which was produced together with Bureau Veritas Group, is today the reference guide for vaccination services globally. This truly shows Ceva Animal Health’s commitment to go “Beyond Animal Health”.

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“Together beyond animal health”

Last update: 09/04/2021

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