Ceva South Africa Poultry Strategic Session – Leading with Humility

With the support of Bertrand Le Tallec, Poultry Franchise Director of AMEET Zone, a Poultry Strategic Session was held at Woodhill Golf Estate, Pretoria, on 22 & 23 February 2016.

Employees from the Poultry Department, and selected employees from other departments, gathered with some of Ceva’s clients.

An opportunity was given to these key customers to explain what problems and pressures they are experiencing in the current environmental & economic climate. They were also given the opportunity to make suggestions on how business could be conducted differently, or how Ceva can provide a more optimum service to the industry.

This was a good brain storming session, to establish how Ceva SA can maintain and enhance their current position as leaders in the Poultry Market, while getting good open and honest feedback directly from the customers.

Looking through our customers eyes and seeing their point of view, we can plan to enhance and further our current business.

Staying humble with confidence in our products and services has been highlighted as a priority. 

Last update: 12/06/2017

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