Adaptil - Feedback from 2 SAGDA Puppy raisers

Feedback from two of the SAGDA puppy raisers after using the Adaptil donated to them by Ceva.

"Thank you for the kind donation of the Adaptil.

Please see below the 2 Feedbacks that I have received from my puppy raisers"


My feedback on the Adaptil is as follows;

I haven’t see any notable affects from the Adaptil on Astra.  She is generally a busy puppy that plays hard between her sleeps.  I sprayed her blanket which is situated in the living area where she on occasions sleeps in the early evenings.  She prefers to sleep on the cold tiles due to the heat wave we have had.

I however have a rescue Dachshund (Tuc) which is 3 years old that has always been a very nervous dog.  He prefers sleeping in his basket that is placed in a quiet part of the house.  I have however noticed that Tuc has been sleeping on Astra’s blanket during the day since spraying it with Adaptil. The blanket is in the middle of our living area.  Tuc sleeps deeply on this blanket.  I can only assume that it is the Adaptil that is attracting her to the blanket as it is certainly not usual behavior for him.

Please thank Ceva for the opportunity to trial this product.  I would highly recommend it for nervous type dogs such as Tuc.


I  am raising a Labrador/Golden Retriever for SAGDA.  She is 9 months old and has a very busy, willing and excitable nature.  At shopping centres she can be incredibly excited and often pull towards anyone who pays her attention of any kind.  She sleeps in a crate and in the morning she can hear us coming and although she doesn’t whine in the night, she will whine or even bark out of pure excitement to see us in the morning, jumping and going berserk as soon as the crate is open. 

GDA gave me the Adaptil products to try.  I use the Collar all the time, the spray on her bed and in the car and the diffuser near to her crate at night and was very  surprised to see a remarkable difference in her behaviour after just the first night.  She was actually sitting waiting patiently and walked out of her crate quite calmly, still excited to greet but with all four paws on the floor.  I also noticed at shopping centers she was a little less excited.  In the car, although there was never a major problem, she now settles down immediately.  The bathroom was a place she was never comfortable with but now she lies down for a sleep quite willingly.  Being quite a vocal dog, I’ve also noticed her barking is less intense.

I am certainly very happy to use and recommend these products.

Last update: 12/06/2017

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